PRISYM ID Offers PRISYM 360 Platform for COVID-19 Trials


Applied Clinical Trials

PRISYM ID, a provider of data-led label and artwork management solutions announced its PRISYM 360 SaaS clinical trials labeling solution is live with customers and available to those pharmaceutical and trials organizations who need quick entry to clinical label printing.

To support the life sciences sector’s response to Covid-19, PRISYM ID is offering a cloud-based, ready to use version of its clinical trials SaaS labeling platform including a pre-validated pack with industry standard print processes.  It is fast to onboard, needs minimal IT input to set up and provides certainty to the market in these uncharted times.

Being pre-validated, the application removes a significant proportion of the cost, time, and risk associated with implementing and validating a labeling system. It provides organizations with the control and agility needed to remove risk for clinical trial printing processes. Key features of this version include:

  • Role based security controls

  • Printer agnostic label designs

  • Clinical trial filtered study and sequenced printing (Clinical Trial Supply)

  • Product label printing

  • Comprehensive, secure audit log including the ability to transfer content and templates to different organizations as the trial grows

  • Language management controls

  • Version and state control of all design and content elements

  • Version and state control of data models and workflows

  • Workflow templates

  • Clinical trial data management, including the import and management of randomized data

  • Extensive barcode symbology support, including GS1 Clinical Trials

  • Hosted through a fully validated and compliant cloud environment

Warren Stacey, SVP of Sales at PRISYM ID, commented, “With the life science industry working at exceptional speed to run trials and accelerate the speed at which they come to market, labeling may be something of an afterthought. Yet it is critical to the process. Generic labeling software may be a blunt tool when it comes to validation, version control, compliance, and navigating the nuances of the clinical trials supply chain. Our PRISYM 360 SaaS solution already has customers live in this space, and it offers clinical researchers an off-the-shelf platform that’s fit for purpose, validated and secure.”

Warren continued, “To help the cause, we are offering organizations who are responding to Covid-19 special provisions to speed up their ability to get access to the solution, with environments being set up in advance and a team waiting to onboard them.”

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