QPS Announces New Translational Medicine Department


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Dr. LingSing K. Chen has been chosen to head the new Translational Medicine department at QPS, a provider of research services for the pharmaceutical industry.

QPS Announces New Translational Medicine Department

(August 5, 2008; NEWARK, DE) — Dr. LingSing K. Chen has been chosen to head the new Translational Medicine department at QPS, a leading provider of research services for the pharmaceutical industry.

           “In its Critical Path Initiative, the FDA identified — correctly, we believe — the need for this country to make significant improvements to the process under which new drugs are developed,” said Dr. Ben Chien, QPS president and CEO. “By adding a department of Translational Medicine, we hope to play an integral role in the process of moving research discoveries from the laboratory into clinical practice more rapidly.”

           Translational medicine is a relatively recent scientific discipline that refers to the "translation" of basic research into real therapies for patients. Since the emphasis is on a seamless linkage between the laboratory and the patient, the practice is often referred to as "bench to bedside" research.

           “The remarkable growth in our biomarkers business areas led us to consider this path,” Dr. Chien said. “QPS considers the creation of a Translational Medicine department pivotal to providing new technologies to support preclinical and clinical drug development worldwide.” Chien noted that many QPS clients have already formed Translational Medicine units to facilitate the interaction between basic research and clinical medicine, particularly in clinical trials.   

Chien said QPS would combine two existing groups, Immunobiomarker and Molecular Biology, to form the new department. Dr. LingSing K. Chen, former executive director of the Molecular Biology group, will head QPS’ new Translational Medicine department.

           “Dr. Chen is a founding member of our Molecular Biology group and has established very diverse capabilities within a short period of time,” Dr. Chien said. “She is a determined leader with a great deal of entrepreneurial spirit and I have every reason to believe in the success of our new venture.”

           Prior to joining QPS, Dr. Chen held executive positions at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals and as a senior advisor to the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan. Dr. Chen received her MA and PhD in molecular biology from Princeton University and her BS in biology from National Taiwan University.

About QPS
Founded in 1995, QPS has bioanalysis and preclinical DMPK facilities at its Newark, DE, headquarters and a laboratory in Taipei, Taiwan. Regional business development offices are maintained in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Texas. QPS is a GLP-compliant CRO that supports discovery, preclinical, and clinical drug development. It has been providing quality services in bioanalysis (LC/MS/MS, immunoanalytical, and hybridization-ELISA), ADME, PK, protein binding, whole-body and micro-autoradiography, in vivo/in vitro drug metabolism, protein biomarkers, pharmacogenomics, and pharmacogenetics markers to its clients worldwide.
In 2008, the company acquired Bio-Kinetic, a drug development services company that designs and conducts Phase I clinical studies for branded pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and generic drug companies.  With a 240-bed Phase I facility in Springfield, Missouri, it is one of the larger independent Phase I facilities in the country.

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