Quanticate Demonstrates New Outsourcing Strategy and Helpdesk at DIA 2011


Company News Release

Quanticate announces its new Centralized Clinical Data Sciences, an outsourcing strategy at this year’s 47th Annual DIA (Drug Information Association) Meeting, occurring in Chicago from June 19-23.

“Based on Quanticate’s 10-plus years of outsourcing and extensive clinical trial experience, this is an advancement in outsourcing that Quanticate is well placed to deliver. It has benefits in trial design and provides an efficient use of database design. Our outsourcing model can also leverage the latest technologies in cloud computing as well as ensure global regulatory compliance,” said David Underwood, CEO of Quanticate.

Centralized Clinical Data Sciences further develops strategic alliances and functional service provision and allows for easy combining of data from different studies within and across Phases.

In addition to the new outsourcing model, Quanticate is launching a Statistical Consultancy Helpdesk, an online resource that will provide easy access to expert Statistical Consultancy. Either via a dedicated phone line or the Internet, customers will be able to access the helpdesk with ease.

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