Quanticate Launches Statistical Monitoring Services Following the ICH GCP E6(R2) Addendum

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LONDON, UK, November 20, 2017-Quanticate, a data-focused clinical research organization (CRO), has launched its centralized statistical monitoring service (https://www.quanticate.com/centralized-statistical-monitoring) as an extension of its statistical consultancy offering in response to recent amendments to the International Conference of Harmonisation (ICH) Good Clinical Practice (GCP) E6(R2) guidelines.   The new service will offer Quanticate’s customers statistical consultancy that incorporates a risk-based approach into clinical trials. As well as introducing measures to evaluate risk into protocol design and statistical analysis plans, the company will also be able to determine the degree of monitoring required by conducting statistical tests guided by a risk-based approach. This will in turn help to guide decisions surrounding investigations into data discrepancies and identifying where site directed monitoring visits may be necessary.   The GCP guidelines are aimed at setting a quality standard when designing, conducting, recording, and reporting on trials in humans. The recent ICH GCP E6(R2) addendum advises that incorporating risk-based monitoring (https://www.quanticate.com/risk-based-monitoring) approaches into clinical trial design could help companies to ensure the safety and quality of clinical trials by identifying and mitigating risks, as well as ensuring that any incorrect data is identified, in the early stages.   Dr Daniel Chapple, director at Quanticate said: “These new guidelines demonstrate that the industry is recognizing the importance of driving down the cost of drug development and in the long run reducing the cost of medicines for patients.   “Risk-based monitoring is becoming more popular as it is recognized as a cost effective and efficient method of data analysis. Centralizing statistical monitoring, as opposed to on-site source data verification, can make risk-based monitoring easier as it reduces the need to visit all clinical trial sites for data analysis and verification as it can be outsourced to one supplier, reducing time and resource.   “Optimizing trials by reducing monitoring visits should be welcomed by the pharmaceutical industry and the ICH GCP E6(R2) addendum will help to drive companies towards streamlining clinical trials in this way.    Quanticate’s decision to introduce its new centralized statistical monitoring service has been driven by the niche CROs commitment to streamlining clinical data management and analysis for its customers.   Alan Morgan, Chief Operating Officer, said, “Statistics play a key role in analysing and making decisions on study data and Quanticate’s new service offering puts us in an ideal place to support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as they opt to centrally monitor their data and introduce risk-based approaches into their study designs.   “There is a clear sponsor benefit to using an independent company to perform statistical monitoring and validate the work of the organization driving site and patient recruitment through regular review of study data.   “As a company that specializes in statistics, Quanticate offers customers a comprehensive, risk-based approach to the monitoring of data quality throughout the course of a study.”   Quanticate will be launching the new service at the annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2017 conference in Amsterdam between November 28th-29th, 2017. Visit stand 19.     ENDS   For further information, images and interview opportunities, please contact Kate Hindhaugh at ramarketing: kate@ramarketingpr.com | +44 (0)191 222 1242 | ramarketingpr.com | Twitter: @ramarketingpr | Facebook: /ramarketingpr | LinkedIn: /ramarketing   About Quanticate
Quanticate is a global data focused clinical research organization (CRO) primarily focused on the management, analysis, and reporting of data from clinical trials and post-marketing surveillance. Quanticate provides high quality teams that offer efficient outsourcing solutions for clinical data management, biostatistics, SAS programming, centralized statistical monitoring, medical writing, and pharmacovigilance. Quanticate can offer study level support, functional service provision (FSP), strategic full data-services solutions or technical consultancy to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and device companies across the globe. Visit https://www.quanticate.com/ for further information.