Quintiles and Kaiser Permanente Announce Alliance to Accelerate Drug Development


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Quintiles announced an agreement to help accelerate the development of new and more effective medicines. Southern California Permanente Medical Group will join Quintiles’ three other prime sites globally, selected for their long-term commitment to clinical research.

Clinical research professionals from both Quintiles and SCPMG will work together closely to enhance the productivity and quality of clinical research offered at the SCPMG site.

Donald S. Fong, MD, MPH, Director of Clinical Trials, SCPMG Department  of Research & Evaluation, Kaiser Permanente Southern California says, “The Southern California Permanente Clinical Trials program works on the premise that all clinical trials research should focus on advancing the practice of medical care to improve health outcomes through rigorously  designed and executed trials.

“Southern California Permanente Clinical Trial investigators are practicing physicians who use their clinical acumen and methodological  training to bridge the gap between basic research and clinical practice.  Typically, clinical trials research in Kaiser Permanente is aimed at evaluating the impact of interventions at the bedside. This perspective ensures that trials address meaningful questions.”

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