Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics Launch Q2 Solutions


Applied Clinical Trials

Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics announced the launch of Q2 Solutions, their new combined clinical trials laboratory services organization.


Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics announced the launch of Q2 Solutions, their new combined clinical trials laboratory services organization. The launch of Q2 Solutions (pronounced Q Squared Solutions) is the result of the close of the previously announced http://www.appliedclinicaltrialsonline.com/quintiles-and-quest-diagnostics-form-joint-venture global clinical trials laboratory services joint-venture transaction. Quintiles owns 60% and Quest Diagnostics  owns 40% of the two separate legal entities that comprise Q2 Solutions. 

Q2 Solutions is now positioned as the second-largest global central laboratory services company. The two parent companies also have entered into a period of exclusive collaboration to explore how to use their data assets to enhance areas such as clinical trial patient recruitment and retention, clinical trial design as well as companion diagnostic development and commercialization.


Read the full release here.

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