Quorum Review IRB Announces Updated OnQ Web Portal


Seattle, WA

Quorum Review IRB introduced a new version of the secure OnQ™ portal.  The OnQ ™ portal is a powerful information hub providing sponsors, CROs, and investigators immediate access to all Board correspondence and site start-up status information and also allows clients to submit new studies online.  The OnQ™ portal now offers sorting and searching capability, making it a valuable tool for clients.  
Quorum’s upgraded OnQ™ portal features an enhanced site status report that provides information on the status of site submissions, virtually real-time.  In addition, the portal offers access to all Board correspondence, now in a sortable and searchable format for easy retrieval of study documents.

The portal also features a library of helpful resources, including a searchable version of Quorum’s Handbook that allows researchers to find information about Quorum policies and guidelines quickly and easily.  

The upgrades to the OnQ™ portal were made with the needs of research organizations in mind, and many were the direct result of feedback that Quorum has received from portal users.

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