Quotient Bioresearch Acquires Edinburgh Clinical Research to Form New Business Unit


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CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UK, 18th May 2009 – Quotient Bioresearch Limited (“Quotient”), a leading provider of drug development services, today announces that it has acquired Charles River Laboratories’ (Charles River) Edinburgh clinical research facility. This represents the sixth acquisition in approximately three years for Quotient.

The Charles River facility, formerly Inveresk Clinical Research, will combine with Pharmaceutical Profiles, acquired by Quotient in December 2008, to form a new strategic business unit within Quotient - Quotient Clinical.

With a long heritage in early development services, the Charles River Edinburgh clinical unit will combine with Pharmaceutical Profiles to offer a suite of integrated services stretching from First-in-Human (FIH) through to Phase 2a patient studies.   Founded almost 20 years ago, the Edinburgh clinical unit is an industry leader in FIH studies. It was awarded Supplementary Accreditation status by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in January 2009, demonstrating its experience and capabilities to conduct FIH trials for small molecules and biologics.

Quotient Clinical will have a workforce of approximately 160 medical, scientific and clinical staff across the two facilities in Edinburgh and Nottingham. With an existing strong customer base in the United States, Europe and Japan, the principal focus of Quotient Clinical is to provide a unique and comprehensive range of early development services to a broad range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.

Paul Cowan, Chairman and CEO of Quotient comments, “The creation of Quotient Clinical represents the next step in expanding the range of specialised services we offer pharmaceutical and biotech customers worldwide. We are delighted to have completed the acquisition of the Charles River Edinburgh clinical facility.  With the Inveresk heritage we are bringing a world-class facility and clinical experience to Quotient Clinical.”

Quotient Clinical will be headed by Mark Egerton, formerly Chief Executive Officer of Pharmaceutical Profiles.  “We will continue to build on the innovative approaches we developed at Pharmaceutical Profiles to increase the effectiveness of early development processes. Combined with the Phase I/2a expertise of the Charles River Edinburgh clinical unit, our approach to integrating flexible drug product manufacture into clinical trials will enable us to deliver significant benefits to our customers.”

For more information on Quotient Clinical, please call +44 (0)115 9749000, email clinical@quotientbioresearch.com or visit www.quotientbioresearch.com

About Quotient Bioresearch
Quotient Bioresearch is part of the Quotient Bioscience group. The Quotient Bioscience group comprises Quotient Bioresearch, HFL Sport Science and Alba Bioscience. Quotient Bioresearch provides a range of specialist, early-stage drug development services; HFL Sport Science is the world’s premier drug surveillance and doping control laboratory for sport; and Alba Bioscience is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of monoclonal reagents for blood typing. Quotient Bioscience has grown rapidly in the past three years, through a combination of both acquisition-led and organic growth. Further acquisitions are anticipated with a view to offering clients a broader, unified range of services.

For further information: www.quotientbioscience.com

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