RadSite Expanding On-Site Audit Program to Ensure Compliance with Quality Standards


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RadSite has enhanced its quality-based mission by recently expanding its on-site audit program. In addition to the assessment criteria that are filled out by imaging providers as part of the application process, RadSite has ramped up its auditing to ensure compliance with RadSite Standards.

The enhanced on-site audit program is designed to assess how imaging personnel are implementing their quality practices and maintaining their imaging equipment. The audits also are designed to be an educational process that promotes best practices. RadSite also carries out desktop audits to validate its review of imaging practices.

RadSite audits ensure the policies cited on the RadSite assessment are carried out in day-to-day clinical practice. Auditors review the equipment, overall aspects of the site, and documentation requested in a pre-audit email. “The on-site audit process insures that facilities are meeting a high quality of patient care and allows the facilities to receive expert guidance in such areas as radiation safety, quality clinical practice, and imaging protocols,” says Phillip W. Patton, PhD CHP DABR, RadSite’s on-site audit coordinator and staff physicist.

In addition to the random on-site audits, RadSite also will audit imaging providers if they are deemed out of compliance with the RadSite Assessment or Accreditation Program Standards.

“RadSite offers a process that is both collaborative and educational; we encourage facilities to take advantage of the expertise these professionals bring and ask questions,” says Garry Carneal, RadSite president & CEO. “With imaging becoming a more integral part of medical care—and the increased costs of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic interventions—RadSite is dedicated to ensuring that imaging systems are functioning properly to best meet the safety and medical needs of patients.”

“Providers who are quality-certified are listed on RadSite’s website. The desktop and on-site audit process serves to ensure the integrity of the certification process,” says Junellen Neese, RadSite’s director of program development. Most recently, RadSite has audited facilities across the country, including Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Nevada, California, and South Carolina. On an annualized basis, RadSite visits hundreds of different imaging providers as part of its on-site audit review program.

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