Regulatory and Quality Solutions LLC Acquires Maetrics

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Regulatory and Quality Solutions LLC (R&Q), a provider of regulatory and quality consulting services for medical devices, in vitro diagnostic devices (IVDs), and combination products, has announced that it has acquired Maetrics LLC.

“We are thrilled to be part of R&Q,” said Maetrics President, Steve Cottrell. “Together, we provide a truly unique consultancy offering to the life science industry. With our combined capabilities, clients know they are working with a partner that they can trust to deliver. The healthcare sector is so important to our everyday lives—now more than ever—and both R&Q and Maetrics are dedicated to continually supporting this mission with our effective regulatory and quality solutions.”

R&Q and Maetrics offer specialist consultancy services like to the medical device, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical industries.


Read more about those services in the full release, here.