Ricerca Biosciences Announces Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Fulcrum Pharma

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Company News Release

Ricerca Biosciences

is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with

Fulcrum Pharma

, an


Aptiv Solutions

company.. The collaboration provides value-added capabilities to biopharmaceutical companies by creating a streamlined and efficient process to move a candidate from development to clinical evaluation.

“The Fulcrum Pharma collaboration is an attractive and exciting proposition for Ricerca and our clients. Fulcrum Pharma brings deep experience in IND authorship and regulatory approval, which fits well with Ricerca’s preclinical services in discovery pharmacology, chemical development and drug safety assessment. The relationship greatly expands our ability to serve our clients who are preparing for regulatory submission anywhere in the world,” commented Ian Lennox, CEO of Ricerca.

Ricerca Biosciences provides the full range of preclinical services from early discovery medicinal chemistry, compound screening, profiling and lead optimization through full drug safety, metabolism, and efficacy development support, as well as clinical supply and commercial API production capability. Fulcrum Pharma provides strategic and operational regulatory support to assist clients in the authorship and approval of regulatory submissions.