Rules Based Medicines Launches CardiovascularMAP

Published on: 

Rules Based Medicine (RBM; Austin, TX), a biomarker testing laboratory, announced today the launch of CardiovascularMAP.

Based on RBM’s proprietary Multi-Analyte Profiling (MAP) platform, CardiovascularMAP is designed to advance the development of drugs for cardiovascular disease. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology groups collaborated to design the tool, which combines common biomarkers with additional ones to identify new patterns of disease.

"RBM is providing access to the most comprehensive array of cardiovascular biomarkers ever
assembled in one panel,” said George P. Rodgers, MD, FACC, past chairman of the
American College of Cardiology Board of Governors, in a press release. “Accurate measurement of these
biomarkers clearly has the potential to accelerate CVD research programs."


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