Saama Launches Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA) to Solve Clinical Development Pain Points


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CAMPBELL, CA – (June 11, 2018) – Saama Technologies, Inc., a leading data analytics company, today announced the launch of a unique set of Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities specifically designed to alleviate the planning, feasibility and conduct challenges inherent in and pervasive throughout the drug development continuum. DaLIA, Saama’s new Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant, harnesses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to facilitate an unprecedented conversational experience with clinical trial data that will overcome obstacles historically associated with clinical development, and improve the life sciences industry’s ability to deliver safe and effective therapies.

Designed to augment Saama’s existing suite of clinical trial solutions, DaLIA will empower pharmaceutical and biotech companies to address many of the business challenges common to the drug developmental lifecycle, bringing increased efficiencies and cost savings to critical outcomes such as patient recruitment, protocol adherence, prediction of study success, continuous process improvement, timely and accurate analytics insight, patient data privacy, and the ability to leverage previously untapped sources of data.

“The capabilities that DaLIA embodies are a gateway to a new era of clinical development,” said Sagar Anisingaraju, Chief Strategy Officer at Saama. “AI makes virtual assistants such as DaLIA context aware and reduces the cycle time for understanding information. We expect DaLIA to accelerate business outcomes and drive the therapeutic innovation forward.”

To date, the life sciences industry has encountered difficulty achieving critically important clinical milestones; there is a huge gap between desired outcome and actual execution. According to Pharmaceutical Processing’s 2016 ClinOps Benchmark Report, the majority of global leaders in clinical operations rank patient recruitment (95 percent), site productivity (75 percent), and patient compliance (65 percent) as very important, but they are unable to successfully achieve these milestones. Only 47 percent report successful enrollment, 22 percent say their site is productive, and 25 percent consider patient compliance efforts successful.

Saama is currently deploying DaLIA in a pilot program at one if its mid-sized pharmaceutical customers to support clinical operations and optimize trial site selection. Saama will continue to implement DaLIA throughout 2018, as additional life science partners embrace AI technology to solve business challenges.


About DaLIA

DaLIA is an AI-based virtual assistant that provides easy-to-use, context and domain-aware conversational experiences with key data and insights from Saama’s award winning Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC), as an alternative to the traditional user experience with keyboard and mouse. DaLIA puts you in touch with deep learning/machine learning-augmented functions within LSAC that address the study planning, startup and conduct challenges of the life sciences industry.

About Saama

Saama Technologies is the advanced data and analytics company delivering actionable business insights for life sciences and the Global 2000. We are singularly focused on driving fast, flexible, impactful business outcomes for our clients through data and analytics. Our unique “hybrid” approach integrates focused solutions and expertise across the life sciences domain, business consulting, machine learning, automated data management, cloud and big data technologies. We integrate manual and disconnected initiatives into a well-aligned roadmap facilitating the client’s journey from strategy through solution implementation.

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