SAS Features Case Study of Extensive Relationship With Clearstone Central Laboratories

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Company News Release

Clearstone Central Laboratories announced that business analytics software giant SAS has recently published a customer success story that features the extensive history between the two companies working alongside to accelerate clinical trails with clean, on-time data.
Every year, pharmaceutical companies deliver an ever-broadening range of medications that improve patient health and save countless lives. But the clinical trial phase of drug development is a risky proposition—expensive, highly regulated, and critical to the market approval of a drug. Increasingly, pharmaceutical executives are turning to Clearstone to manage this complex process of creating, aggregating, and delivering highly structured, reliable, and timely data.
SAS has allowed Clearstone to effectively work with large volumes of data that previously would require substantially more time and resources. Multiple tasks can be run simultaneously, allowing for time efficiencies. This additional flexibility has enabled Clearstone to rapidly scale its business around the world and expand its service offering to include data mining and analytical services that allow Clearstone to predict aspects of a trial using historical data.