Science 37 Introduces Native Support for Apple and Android


Applied Clinical Trials

Science 37 has created a patient experience while introducing native support for iOS and Android operating systems. With this development, patients can not only participate from the comfort of their own home, but they can also do it with the familiarity of their own smartphones.

Using their own devices (BYOD), patients can learn more about a study, provide consent, schedule and participate in study visits, complete assessments, and communicate directly with the Science 37 study team and investigators, all through a single platform.

The intuitive, cloud-based platform also integrates workflow and processes for physician investigators, mobile nurses, and coordinators across the entire trial life cycle. Combining these advantages with native support for iOS and Android further enhances the company’s ability to deploy its services globally.

Chris Ceppi, chief product officer of Science 37 says, “The fully integrated mobile capabilities we’re introducing enable a patient experience that sets a new standard for clinical studies.”

In addition to the platform, Science 37 has also conducted more fully decentralized, interventional clinical trials-all the way from protocol design to database lock. Coupled with its telemedicine and home health network, Science 37 enables coverage around the world.


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