Seqster Launches MyAlzheimer's Patient Registry


Tool targets advanced drug monitoring and safety—and enables access to real-world data.

Seqster PDM, a healthcare technology company, has officially launched MyAlzheimer's Patient Registry, which allows patients and caregivers to manage their health data, access new treatment options, and participate in clinical trials in a secure and centralized registry. The platform also enables researchers to access real-world patient data to aid in developing new treatments and gain a deeper understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

MyAlzheimer's features the ability for patients to grant consent for their data to be used for research purposes, including participation in clinical trials. Caregivers can use the registry to coordinate care and manage medication schedules.

MyAlzheimer's Patient Registry is built on the Seqster operating system, connected to over 5,000 healthcare systems and 150,000 healthcare provider sources.

Reference: Seqster Launches MyAlzheimer's Patient Registry for Advanced Drug Monitoring & Safety, May 9, 2023, San Diego, CA.

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