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Montrium, company of cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences, has announced that SignalChem has successfully implemented their eTMF Connect application for their oncology-related programs. SignalChem now benefits from an electronic Trial Master File solution with eTMF Connect, streamlining the management of clinical trial content between study teams, providing them with a centralized interface for effective collaboration.  

Performing drug discovery and development to treat different types of cancers, SignalChem has seen significant growth in targeted therapies in recent years. SignalChem’s latest clinical program, the protein kinase AXL Inhibitor SLC-391 for cancer therapy, is set to act as a critical inhibitor for cancer cell growth and metastasis. AXL is believed to play key roles in cancer cell survival, angiogenesis, metastasis and therapeutic resistance, as well as anti-tumour immunity suppression. 

SignalChem’s transition to a modern eTMF system allows for better oversight with a more dedicated collaborative environment for partners to connect through one platform. “eTMF Connect allows for easy, direct access to critical TMF content and data. We can ensure that our clinical studies and their respective TMFs are managed with greater quality, visibility and efficiency to scale research efforts and continue growth,” said Dr. Zaihui Zhang, CSO and VP of R&D.

Montrium was able to both deliver and support the rapid implementation of the eTMF Connect software, allowing the SignalChem teams to realize the benefits of an eTMF system far faster than initially expected.

“As a clinical-stage company with an ambitious pipeline, we need a leading technology platform to streamline our clinical operations,” said Dr. Zhang. “Montrium’s eTMF Connect application helps our study teams work efficiently remotely and gives our program leaders better visibility into trial master file quality, timeliness and completeness. From the first engagement with Montrium, it was clear they wanted to nurture a lasting partnership, and their attention to detail was obvious from the start.”

“We are thrilled to be working with SignalChem, a fellow Canadian company, and to help them empower their continued success in oncology research and development. This partnership attests to the positive impact cloud-based platforms have in the life sciences industry,” said Oliver Pearce, Director of Commercialization at Montrium. 

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