SiteBridge Research Announces Bridging the Gap for Clinical Trials Art Contest


Using the potential of art to stimulate important conversations, the Bridging the Gap for Clinical Trials Art Contest will bind multiple levels of influence—individual, social/cultural, organizational, community, and public policy to advance diversity in clinical trials.

Clinical trial professionals can get involved through the following options:

  1. Becoming a sponsor or collaborator—community engagement (which is different from patient recruitment, patient engagement, and patient communities) is a relatively new concept in the clinical trial space. This contest offers the opportunity to collaborate with/sponsor an event designed to promote diversity in clinical trials and create awareness and understanding about clinical trial participation. Clinical trial participants are at the center of the industry. Without the participants, there would be no clinical trials, and therefore, no trialist profession.
  2. Spreading the news on social media.
  3. Participating—clinical trial professionals who also have an artistic side are welcome to enter any of the three categories, as long as they have no conflict of interest as outlined in the contest rules.

For more information on entry, sponsorship opportunities, categories, and rules, visit the contest's homepage here.

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