snapIoT Launches Mobile Device Management Module

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Applied Clinical Trials

snapIoT Inc., a San Diego-based company, continues to disrupt the mClinical trial industry with the next addition to its offering-Mobile Device Management. The Mobile Device Management module has been developed to aid Sponsors and CROs with the management of all smart phones and devices that are used throughout digitally enabled clinical trials. 

snapIoT’s core product, snapClinical, is a self-service enabled mClinical platform that enables CROs & Pharma companies to develop mClinical solutions and applications to enhance patient-centric models and pivot into the world of decentralized, virtual clinical trials. As studies continue to transition into a virtual or decentralized capacity, mobile devices need to be properly managed to ensure security, quality, and compliance. 

“We developed the Mobile Device Management Module to help Sponsors and CROs efficiently manage all devices used in their clinical trials. Our platform has unlimited capabilities and easily delivers new solutions and modules with ease.” said Isaac Eteminan, CEO of snapIoT.


The Mobile Device Management module serves as the hub for managing all aspects of mobile devices, including storing essential information about the devices, controlling which applications are locked/unlocked, location services, and security when devices become lost or stolen. Trial administrators now have a centralized solution that allows the ability to remotely configure, manage and track devices over-the-air (OTA) for trials that involve either Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), or Provisioned Device requirements.

Unique advantages of snapIoT’s Mobile Device Management module include automation to save time on redundant tasks, the capability to remotely configure trial specific policies, ability to blacklist non-enterprise applications.  snapIoT’s MDM offers enhanced security to protect the integrity of trial data and specifically address compliance standards under HIPAA and/or GDPR.