Spaulding Clinical Announces Partnership with clinicalRSVP to Help Prevent Dual Enrollment in Clinical Studies


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Spaulding Clinical Research announced it be will be partnering with clinicalRSVP (clinical Research Subject Verification Program. This partnership illustrates Spaulding Clinical’s ongoing commitment to subject safety and data integrity.

Spaulding Clinical will join participating clinical sites that utilize clinicalRSVP to check subject eligibility requirements before dosing commences. Spaulding Clinical is the first site in the Midwest to join clinicalRSVP’s network, which includes sites located along both coasts. The addition of Spaulding Clinical expands the reach of the clinicalRSVP site network, and greatly strengthens the relevance of the network for participating sites.

clinicalRSVP was chosen by Spaulding Clinical as its preferred provider of dual enrollment protection services due to clinicalRSVP’s expansive network, proven track record, ease of operational implementation, and regulatory compliance. clinicalRSVP has years of experience in providing registry services; the company has developed a network of sites that currently includes more than 25 percent of all Phase I beds in North America.

“Dual enrollment is becoming an incredibly hot topic in the clinical pharmacology circuit as sponsors are becoming very keen to ensure subjects are only in their studies,” commented Daniel Selness, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Operations at Spaulding Clinical. “Spaulding is pleased to be able to provide this added measure of diligence for our study sponsors.”

“The addition of Spaulding Clinical represents a terrific advancement for clinicalRSVP and for those who sponsor and conduct Phase I clinical trials across North America,” said Darran Boyer, president of clinicalRSVP. “We are pleased that our network now spans from coast to coast, including the Midwest and into Canada. We see the continued growth of this Phase I network as a positive sign of things to come, and we will continue to promote the advancements achieved through clinicalRSVP as we look to join additional Phase I units across the United States and Canada.”

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