SPOTFIRE ENABLES life science organizations to deploy sophisticated statistics across THE ENTIRE research and development process

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DecisionSite Computation Services Bring Leading Statistics Packages into one Interactive, Visual Analysis Environment for Experts and Non-Experts

DecisionSite Computation Services Bring Leading Statistics Packages into one Interactive, Visual Analysis Environment for Experts and Non-Experts

SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- April 26, 2005 -- Spotfire, Inc., a market leader in interactive, visual analytic applications for business decision-making, has further opened DecisionSite, its easy-to-use visual analytics application, to enable decision makers at life science organizations to deploy statistical tools written in SAS, Insightful S-PLUS, and R Open Source directly within the DecisionSite application. The open Computation Services framework within DecisionSite will be used by Spotfire and partners to build additional integrations with other pervasive life sciences applications from SciTegic, Inforsense, MatLab and even Excel. This allows organizations to take better advantage of the significant investment they have made in these computational and modeling tools by packaging them in a business context and sharing their value with other users across the organization.

Across problem areas such as gene expression analysis, compound library design, clinical analysis and even in marketing response modeling and sales force deployment, pharmaceutical companies' investment in data and tools has outpaced the researchers' and analysts' ability to employ them quickly and effectively as part of a business process. These statistical tools are often a source of real competitive advantage but this knowledge is usable by only a select few experts capable of running the statistical software. In order for researchers, statisticians and analysts to have real business impact, the powerful capability of these tools must be deployed in an application environment comprehensible to a broader number of business users.

While a variety of statistical functions are built into DecisionSite and DecisionSite Statistics, many customers want to take advantage of their own statistical models when doing complex analysis. As a result, Spotfire has made Computational Services an integral part of the DecisionSite platform, allowing customers to utilize the power of their preferred commercial or in-house statistics packages in Spotfire's easy-to-use, interactive, visual analysis environment. As part of this ongoing effort, Spotfire is developing additional integrations with the leading informatics data processing packages.

DecisionSite's unique Guided Analytics applications make it possible for expert analysts to package and deploy statistical models for the large majority of users who lack the statistics training required to apply statistics to their business problems. With Guided Analytics, the expert can capture a statistical algorithm within a Guide a series of step-by-step, scripted procedures which allows the use of sophisticated analysis by many more decision makers in an organization. It also offloads many routine, repetitive tasks from the statisticians who can now focus on more rewarding analysis work.

While Spotfire continues to expand its customer base to serve more industries, the interactivity, ease-of-use and flexibility of DecisionSite remain very popular with life science customers. Currently, eight of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies employ Spotfire's DecisionSite analytic applications across their entire spectrum of research operations.

"Traditionally, statistical analysis tools have been restricted to use by experts," said Christopher Ahlberg, Ph.D., CEO of Spotfire. "We believe that every decision-maker in the organization can benefit from fact-based decision-making, including the use of powerful statistics packages. That is our vision and that is how we are evolving DecisionSite."

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