Strategikon Launches Two New Business Operation Services


Strategikon Pharma has announced that it is expanding the service offerings for their Clinical Maestro business operations platform with two offerings. Strategikon provides a SaaS product license for Clinical Maestro clinical trial RFP planning and budgeting, which includes implementation and training. Due to the effects of the pandemic, clinical trial pipelines have been disrupted by delays and changes to trial designs, increasing the use of remote technologies and tasks.

These two new services offer a Full-Service model and an Operator model. The new Operator model consists of assigning trained experts to assist, or directly operate the Sponsor’s instance of Clinical Maestro to expedite the output delivery. This Operator model is geared towards Biopharmaceutical sponsors who operate at high speed and may not have the trained staff available or the time to run clinical plans, budgets or RFP in Clinical Maestro.

A more robust model is the Clinical Maestro Full Service offering in which the Services team performs the analysis on Strategikon’s internal system and provides the Sponsor with a baseline budget and alternative scenarios, depending on the Sponsor’s requirement.

For more information, read the full release, here.

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