StudyManager Reveal Now Features Patient Registration Interface


Company News Release

StudyManager announced that it has added a patient registration interface to its Reveal CTMS software, enabling research sites, academic medical centers and health systems to integrate Reveal with a variety of electronic health record systems.

Built using HL7 protocols, the new interface increases the efficiency of healthcare providers by seamlessly and automatically synchronizing demographic data for research patients with centralized hospital or clinic records. As a result, clinical staff working on research projects no longer need to double-enter demographic data or worry that critical contact information is not synchronized with hospital records.

The interface also helps improve patient safety by enabling research staff to more quickly determine whether a patient being recruited for (or treated within) a clinical trial has information stored within the hospital’s electronic health record (EHR) system. Research staff can then use the EHR to determine whether treatment received within a clinical trial medically conflicts with other treatment received within the health system, or vice-versa.

“Integrating the healthcare delivery enterprise with the clinical research enterprise is an important step in the process of lowering the cost of research for healthcare providers,” said Bruce Schatzman, CEO at StudyManager. “At many institutions, research is not well connected with core healthcare delivery, and this new interface helps eliminate the operational and safety problems this disconnection creates.”

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