SureClinical Launches Eclinical Ecosystem ECO Bundle


SureClinical announced the launch of their new Eclinical Ecosystem ECO Applications and Platform Bundle. The ECO Bundle connects people, programs, projects, and processes everywhere for a singular view of clinical data. The ECO Bundle centralizes clinical intelligence and reporting across multiple applications, data points and systems, allowing distributed clinical research teams to collaborate within a single, modern application experience.

The ECO bundle supports project management, document management, site management and quality management. With over 500 global clinical trials and multiple audits, and centralized documents and data in one repository, current SureClinical clients have the freedom to select and connect applications from multiple vendors, apps, and projects for quantifiable time-efficient delivery of new treatments and therapies. 

The ECO bundle includes SureClinical’s SureCTMS, electronic Trial Master File (ETMF), Investigator Site File (ISF), Quality Management Software (QMS) and Clinical Trial Management (CTMS) applications. SureISF is a cloud-based regulatory document management solution.

SureClinical Launches Eclinical Ecosystem ECO Bundle to Support Clinical Trial Automation and Collaboration

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