Suvoda Launches New Drug Optimization as Part of Latest Interactive Response Technology Release

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Added feature offers cost savings and the ability to reduce carbon footprint, company says.

Suvoda LLC, a clinical trial technology company, announced a new advanced drug optimization feature as part of its latest interactive response technology (IRT) release. According to the company, this feature offers sponsors of clinical drug trials improved drug supply management, delivering cost savings, and helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint. In the past, supply strategies depended on static quantities of initial drug shipments and buffers, often leading to excessive orders to ensure enough medication is available during a trial.


"Suvoda's new enhancement is an example of how we listen to the needs of our customers and deliver tools that help our sponsors and partners," said Lisa Li, director of IRT product management, Suvoda. "We heard from drug supply managers that they were concerned about the impact of drug oversupply across the entire supply chain, including raw materials, manufacturing, storage, shipping, and packing materials. Helping study managers fine-tune supply can maximize trial resources and increase efficiencies."

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