Suvoda Publishes Findings From Survey on Digital Document Review and Consent

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A recent survey from Suvoda about attitudes toward digital document review and consent shows that an overwhelming majority of people are comfortable reading and signing documents digitally, however, there is still reluctance when it comes to signing medical consent forms digitally. 

The survey from Suvoda found that a majority of respondents (84% in the US and 73% in the UK) indicated they are comfortable signing financial, medical, education and travel documents electronically, yet just half of US respondents and 28% of UK respondents said they prefer to sign medical consent forms electronically. This preference holds up across age groups and locations of residency (urban vs. rural).

Also of note, while one-third of respondents said there is nothing that would prevent them from signing a consent form for a medical procedure or clinical trial, the main roadblocks articulated by the remaining respondents were that the forms are too confusing (46%), too long (25%), and not available in the patient’s native language (19%).


The Suvoda study was a general population Google survey of 723 US participants and 1,000 UK participants. It was conducted in the fall of 2022.


Survey From Suvoda Shows Comfort With Electronic Signatures is on the Rise, Yet Healthcare Consent Still Lags. (2023, April 19). Suvoda LLC.