Symfo announces partnership with ECRON

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Symfo, a leading provider of handheld electronic patient diary (EPD) products for clinical trials, announced today its partnership with ECRON, a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO).

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - FRANKFURT, GERMANY -- April 26, 2005 --Symfo, a leading provider of handheld electronic patient diary (EPD) products for clinical trials, announced today its partnership with ECRON, a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO).

"This is a strategic partnership for us," said Serge Bodart, Symfo's CEO. "ECRON has a large and wide experience in managing clinical trials. By allying our strengths, we will allow customers to benefit from high expertise. Our goal is to make the integration of the latest technologies in clinical studies a very easy process as well as to optimize their efficiency."

"We are pleased to be allied with Symfo," said Doctor Klaus Wiedey, CEO of ECRON. "Symfo offers the broadest e-Diary solution set on the market today. This widens our electronic options by being able to meet virtually any study needs. The partnership between Symfo and ECRON allows both organizations to further enhance their already flourishing portfolios. With the continuing growth of technology in clinical research this is a natural partnership which increases the level of customer service and satisfaction."

About SYMFO: (
Symfo is an international organization specializing in electronic patient diary solutions, including the SymPro electronic patient diary, the SymQuest Palm-based diary and the SymVoice IVR. They are all simple to use and affordable solutions enabling study participants to easily implement electronic patient diaries in all phases of clinical trials and post-marketing studies.

The method of audio transfer used by the Symfo is the most reliable and easiest data transfer solution available on the market today. To send data, the patient simply picks up the handset of a regular household telephone, dials a toll-free number, and places the e-Diary next to the receiver. The server answers the call using sounds that are interpreted by the e-Diary, which in turn sends encrypted data. The entire transmission takes about two minutes, depending on the amount of data. Since the study participants dial a toll-free number, there is no charge to them to send data. The sponsor pays on a per-call basis. There is no additional modem equipment to purchase, and no expensive monthly telecom charges. Symfo, with offices in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Brussels, Belgium, is the only vendor to currently offer this innovative data transmission option.

About ECRON: (
ECRON is a multinational full-service contract research organization (CRO) for clinical trials of medicinal products for human use. It is one of the leading panEuropean CROs, active in 15 European countries, with alliances around the world (encompassing a total of 38 countries). To guarantee success in client's international projects ECRON makes use of their established local structures, grown relationships and up-to-date knowledge about legal and regulatory framework. Due to its comprehensive national expertise in various countries on medical, social and historical background, ECRON supports their clients with prospective trouble shooting, thus protecting them from local pitfalls.

It is ECRON's philosophy to make each client's study to be their first-priority project. ECRON offers clinical research in drugs and devices especially tailored to the client's product development stage and specific needs. They deliver customized and personalized services, providing one central contact person for the client during the whole project.