Syneos Health and AiCure Announce Partnership


Applied Clinical Trials

Syneos Health, the fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization, and AiCure, an AI and advanced data analytics company, have announced a novel strategic partnership to drive faster, smarter trials to optimize patient engagement. This collaboration amplifies a pre-existing relationship and responds to increasing customer demand for digital solutions that change behaviors.

The collaboration leverages AiCure’s proprietary intelligent software and AI-driven insights, and Syneos Health’s behavioral insights-driven product development model, to capture, analyze, and predict patient behaviors influencing clinical trial adherence.

“The AiCure platform aligns with our unique product development model that harnesses behavioral insights to unlock real world experiences,” said Alistair Macdonald, Chief Executive Officer, Syneos Health. “By deploying the AiCure platform to our investigative sites, we create insights-enriched patient communities to advance clinical research. This collaboration reinforces our Dynamic Assembly philosophy where we join forces with the latest and most agile data and technology partners to address our customers’ needs.”

“Syneos Health’s first mover participation in our AiCure Partnerships for Excellence (AiPEX) program demonstrates the Company’s dedication to the implementation of innovative technologies in clinical research. This full-service, collaborative delivery of AI to improve engagement, medication exposure, and achieve 360° access to clinical trial subjects, sites, and study insights represents our shared pursuit of therapeutic excellence,” said Adam Hanina, Chief Executive Officer of AiCure. “Syneos Health’s scale as a leading global CRO, and the largest Contract Commercial Organization, will enable valuable customer engagements and expands our reach with biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes.”

AiCure provides a clinically validated, scalable, patient-centric technology platform which can see, hear, and understand how people respond to treatment. The platform identifies adherence patterns and variation in site and participant engagement, surfacing the opportunity to modify behaviors that increase compliance to improve the chances of overall trial success. As opposed to antiquated self-reporting measures, patients use a smartphone application to intuitively guide and confirm proper administration in real-time. AiCure’s computer vision algorithms verify the correct participant is taking the right medication and confirms ingestion.

Syneos Health will have access to AiCure’s digital biomarker assessments, evaluating facial, verbal, speech, and movement variables to objectively study known clinical endpoints. AiCure’s unique technology naturally inserts into the dosing interaction with the study subject while keeping all identifiable information secure and protected. The company, sponsors, and site staff will also have access to dashboards with real-time, actionable, and predictive data to improve decision making, facilitate timely interventions, and achieve greater clinical trial operational efficiencies.

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