Synexus Further Expands its Reach in Germany by Opening its Fourth Dedicated Research Centre in Bochum

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Pharmaceutical Executive

Synexus has opened its 23rd Dedicated Research Centre in Bochum

Synexus has opened its 23rd Dedicated Research Centre in Bochum, its fourth in Germany. The state-of-the-art clinic which moved from a much smaller site in Bochum is situated in the historic Kortum House. The five hundred square meter clinic runs primary care clinical trials for major clinical research organisations (CROs) and pharmaceutical companies and provides facilities for up to six professional investigators.

Commenting on the new facility Christophe Berthoux, CEO of Synexus said: “Germany is one of our foremost locations for running clinical trials with its excellent medical expertise, a history of running clinical trials and a large population. Europe continues to be a favored region for our clients in the running of their global clinical trials and we are planning to further develop our business in Germany.”

Synexus which is a world leader in recruiting patients for clinical trials at its own dedicated research centres across Europe and Africa has four Centres across Germany – Frankfurt, Berlin, Bochum and Leipzig.

Synexus German Managing Director Christoph Dietrich commented: “This is a further step in our plan to update and expand our very successful network of clinics across Germany by providing modern clinics which benefit both our patients and our clients in pharma. Our success in bringing clinical trials to Germany is dependent on our ability to deliver patients and quality data. We have now put in place a sophisticated patient engagement program which improves the patient experience and it is these added-value extras which really pay dividends in terms of client success.”


The new clinic, which will be managed by Annette Kuehlenborg, is well placed for easy patient access as it is close to the main station and has parking facilities in the immediate vicinity.

All of Synexus’ 26 clinics across Europe and Africa focus on undertaking clinical trials in the therapy areas where the company can provide most value – in particular cardiovascular, metabolic (diabetes and obesity), musculoskeletal, respiratory and central nervous system (dementia and pain) trials.