Synexus Slashes Time and Cost in Phase II Trial


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Manchester, England: Synexus has just concluded its fourth Phase II study for a major pharmaceutical client in the last two years. Synexus, which ran and managed the entire hypertension trial, completed the study in nine rather than the projected twelve months. Commenting on the increasing success of their unique model for clinical trials, CEO Michael Fort said: “We handle the whole process. Our clients have only one contract to negotiate and agree, then we get the trial process underway immediately-making sure that we reach the critical targets for our clients efficiently and quickly.”
A global leader in the recruitment of patients to its own research centres, Synexus used only four of its sixteen sites to conduct the trial involving 450 patients, slashing monitoring costs as well as recruitment timings. Sites in the UK, South Africa and Eastern Europe were central to Synexus ability to cut the forecast timings by 25% meaning the pharma reached the commercially critical go,no-go decision stage of their drug development programme far more rapidly than using the traditional Phase II trial model.
Michael Fort explains how time and cost efficiencies are achieved: “We are able to recruit the right types of patients quickly using our extensive database to help us identify suitable candidates. We combine this with a carefully targeted marketing campaign to ensure we reach the required number of patients as rapidly as possible. On this occasion we achieved the agreed 450 patients even more quickly than we had anticipated.”
Synexus are currently undertaking feasibility studies for further Phase II trials in a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

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