Tartu University Hospital Expands Clinerion’s PRS Network of Hospitals into Estonia

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Basel, Switzerland, November 27, 2017-Tartu University Hospital was established in 1804 and is the only university hospital in Estonia. It covers all medical fields from nursing care to oncology and organ transplantation. The hospital has a catchment area which covers ~50% of the Estonian population. It performs 40,000 inpatient treatments and receives 400,000 outpatient visits annually.

Tartu University Hospital is the pioneer of e-Health in Estonia. 80% of its medical data communication is digital.

Tartu University Hospital currently runs 30-40 clinical trials per year, with capacity to do many more, and the expertise to back it up. By joining, the PRS platform, the university hospital’s clinical trials facilities will be exposed to a wide range of global clinical trials run by Clinerion’s clients, international pharmaceutical companies, and CROs. 

“Cooperation with Clinerion will make our immense trial capabilities and expertise more visible and accessible internationally. It will certainly bring Tartu more trials at the cutting edge of medical innovation. With our partnership, we also hope to improve our data quality and harmonize our coding practices to international standards,” says Margus Ulst, Chief Medical Officer of Tartu University Hospital.

“Clinerion’s coverage is on a steep expansion curve. We are thrilled to expand our footprint to Estonia,” says Ulf Claesson, CEO of Clinerion. “Tartu University Hospital is a particularly welcome partner for our platform due to its great clinical facilities and high digitization level.”

Clinerion’s network now covers Europe, Asia, South America, and North America, with around 150 M patients searchable for trials. The PRS solution queries electronic patient health records to offer patient search and identification for clinical trials, as well as report generation for real-world evidence and market access exercises. PRS utilizes Clinerion’s proprietary “Anonymized Identification” technology, which ensures patient privacy by performing patient search and identification from fully anonymized records.


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Clinerion enables early patient access to innovative treatments through solutions for clinical trial patient recruitment, real-world evidence, and market access. Clinerion's PRS accelerates clinical research by radically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of trial recruitment. Clinerion’s key patient data services include data-assisted protocol optimization, site feasibility evaluation, and patient identification. Clinerion’s solutions allow member hospitals to participate in leading-edge, industry-sponsored trials and save time in patient recruitment. They enable pharmaceutical companies to gain time and save costs by streamlining operations and leveraging strategic intelligence. Clinerion’s proprietary Big Data analytics technologies leverage real-time data from electronic health records which remain under the full control of participating hospitals. Clinerion is a global data technology service company headquartered in Switzerland. Clinerion's solutions comply with international patient privacy and data security regulations.


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