TFS Trial Form Support International and Karolinska University Hospital Prolong Partnership

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TFS Trial Form Support International (TFS; Lund, Sweden) and Karolinska University Hospital, based in Stockholm, have extended their public-private partnership until 2016 and expanded the early clinical research facilities at the hospital's Karolinska Trial Alliance (KTA). An additional 16 beds have been added to the research unit, which mainly conducts microdosing, first-in-man (FIM), and proof of concept studies as well as PET imaging studies.

“With a total number of 30 beds, we now have extended our capacity which means that we can shorten timelines for certain studies by running more studies in parallel," said Eva Lundqvist, MSc, ML, Director Academic Alliances at TFS, in a company press release. "The expanded facility is a fully state-of-the-art equipped FIM research unit and has been designed so that it suits all different types of early clinical development studies."


With the additional space (850 square meters) and beds, TFS reports that KTA now has the largest Phase I unit in Northern Europe.