The Future of BYOD Adoption


In the third and final part of this video interview, Sam Liu, VP of marketing, Vivalink looks forward in the BYOD space and forecasts potential advancements for consumer devices.

ACT: Looking forward, what does the future of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) adoption look like?

Liu: I think it's already common. I think you'll see a shift towards using it for more novel or preventive measures to more serious conditions. And so, I think that will gradually grow into that direction as the consumer devices become more and more medical-grade capable. And there's more apps that are also qualified to be medical grade that run on those devices. I think what is a natural progression is that there will be more powerful devices that can actually do more in terms of real diagnostics—potentially even some treatment. So, I see it evolving in that direction.

And I think maybe the other thing is with consumer devices/BYOD, they also allow a larger population to get access to healthcare. From a global standpoint, that's probably the most important thing because we take it for granted here. Or certain countries that have healthcare, or accessible healthcare, but there's a lot of parts of the world that don't really have that. And these consumer devices, maybe that’s their first interaction with healthcare in some places. So I think that's an interesting dynamic.

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