The Future of Women’s Health Research


In this Applied Clinical Trials video interview, Marie Teil, Global Head of UCB’s Women of Childbearing Age Program, talks about the role of technology in addressing the data gap in women's health research and encourages women interested in healthcare to go for it.

Looking towards the future, what are your thoughts on the role of technology in addressing the data gap in women's health research?

Innovative digital technologies without doubt going to play a crucial role in in bridging this gap that we just talked about, I think I see it in two ways, first in terms of healthcare monitoring, but also in terms of data generation, interpretation, dissemination. So, technology is already enabling women to actively monitor their daily health indicators and participate in their health care management. For example, managing medications and tracking physical activities. Period ovulation trackers are another great example of at home monitoring for women. But beyond monitoring technologies should improve both the systematic generation and the interpretation of gender data throughout our research and development process. And I think by harnessing the power of AI, we can potentially shift to a more precise approach to drug design and discovery, which can also lead to more personalized medicine. So, there are exciting opportunities with AI and machine learning algorithm to analyze large data set, I notify pattern related to women's health.

This technology could help uncover perhaps hidden insights from existing data and help generate hypotheses for future research. So, this will ultimately enable women to contribute data for research and engage with a health metrics most significantly, leading to better health outcomes. And finally, something we need to think about is, we need more textured technological innovation to enable sharing data and information between the patients and their physicians to facilitate the discussion and their reproductive journey, in particular, related to their disease, but to the health in general as well.

What message would you give to young women who are passionate about women's health and potentially interested in pursuing careers in research or healthcare?

I would say go for it. We need more women interested in healthcare, in pharmaceuticals, and in technology technologies, who are passionate, and really wish to contribute to advancing science and impacting women's health. Whether it's for family planning, disease management, or for society, in general, actually, I would say it's still a very challenging field. But it's extremely rewarding, because we see the direct impact of what we do for current, but also for future generations. And I think for us women, it's really, really important to see that there's a huge potential for future careers. I would love to see more enthusiastic young women in this area of work, really. I would say I encourage you to follow me on LinkedIn for more on what I'm working on, or you can also visit

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