The Trust Factor In Data


The many sources of data source in clinical trials can be overwhelming, but the data itself can be used positively to guide clinical operations decision-making.

Craig Serra, Head of Commercial Solutions and Partnerships at Flatiron Health’s Clinical Research Business Unit, discusses data and its many uses in clinical trials that guide operational decision-making; how the people in that work in clinical trials make the difference and how to bring the next generation up in clinical trials.

About the speaker

Craig Serra is an industry veteran who is currently at Flatiron Health leading commercial and partnerships for the newly formed Clinical Research Business Unit. He previously held (senior) leadership roles at Novartis, Pfizer, Eisai, and Roche. He has 20+ years within global clinical development operations, spanning strategy, innovation, digital, functional, and business leadership roles. He has a passion to advance our collective mission for patients, with first-hand knowledge being a clinical trial participant himself. His graduate education spans clinical pharmacology, business, and information systems, while serving our industry through board appointments (Castor EDC, SCDM, Cristian Rivera Foundation), mentorship, direct support of cancer research, and volunteering.

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