Top 3 Most Read DE&I Articles of 2023


Authors in this area focused on increasing diversity in clinical trials through patient-first payment options and trial design.

Image Credit: © Jakub Krechowicz -

Image Credit: © Jakub Krechowicz -

Below are the most read diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) articles featured on Applied Clinical Trials in 2023.

1. Increasing Clinical Trial Diversity Through Patient-First Payment Options

Patient-first trial design, based around the tenets of adaptability and personalization, has emerged as a key solution to increase diversity and improve trial outcomes for all. There is an increasing focus on the need to flex trial designs to meet the needs of participants, whether they are logistical, financial, or educational.

However, uptake of new technologies that offer patient optionality is far from universal, in part due to the industry’s desire to stay in its comfort zone. This hesitation is particularly apparent in clinical trial payments.

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2. 12 Questions We Need to Answer to Achieve Diversity in Clinical Research

DE&I has, deservedly, become a hot topic in clinical research. Numerous organizations are developing methodologies, products and programs. If “let a thousand flowers bloom” is the best way to achieve diversity, we are certainly on track. However, we should be able to minimize duplicative efforts and accelerate learning through collaboration. The best place to start this collaboration is to develop consensus answers to the following 12 fundamental questions.

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3. The Impact of Trial Design on Interest by Race and Ethnicity

The life sciences industry is collectively recommitted to better addressing challenges to diversity and inclusion in clinical trials, especially among traditionally underserved populations. What we know is that there is no singular formula to effectively resolve this longstanding issue. As such, clinical trial sponsors, their contract research organization (CRO) partners, and other industry stakeholders are recognizing the importance of approaching each trial program with a deliberate focus on diversity goals during trial design and planning activities.

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