Transdermal Spray Developers See Opportunity for Improved Drug Delivery


Company News Release

Kenneth Kirby, the president of TransDermal Delivery Solutions Corp., sees his company?s transdermal drug delivery system as transforming the way we think about medication.

Could transdermal drug delivery really change the way we take our medicine? Kenneth Kirby, President of TransDermal Delivery Solutions Corp. thinks so.

By opting for transdermal delivery over oral delivery, Kirby says the drugs are better able to retain their potency and work factor. A potential downside would be the issue of restrictions on lifestyle activities, since users would be unable to get wet following application for fear of needing to reapply. However, Kirby says the company is working on that issue by adding ethanol to the spray to help it dry faster.

TransDermal Delivery Solutions, and majority-owned subsidiary, Hormone Replacement Technologies, are currently planning for several clinical trials to investigate the delivery mechanism using Testagen TDS, a testosterone treatment. The company's Investigational New Drug application was recently approved by the FDA. The studies will focus on dose range, transference, and comparisons to the gel application.

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