Trial By Fire Solutions Offers Expanded Clinical Study Management Capabilities With New Release of SimpleCTMS

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Company News Release

Trial By Fire Solutions announced the general release of SimpleCTMS, a software solution designed to optimize clinical study management costs and improve clinical trial management efficiencies.

The latest release follows a successful 6-month pilot program where the software was put to practice by drug developers and clinical research organizations. Based on collaborative feedback with pilot program participants, a number of new enhancements have been incorporated which add to the functionality of SimpleCTMS. The Trial By Fire Solutions team will roll-out additional SimpleCTMS features in 2011.


SimpleCTMS was designed and developed to offer the benefits of a CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) without the extensive upfront financial and resource commitments associated with traditional enterprise systems or the inherent inefficiencies of worksheet trackers. SimpleCTMS provides early stage drug developers a scalable and cost effective solution to improve the management, performance and study startup costs associated with clinical trials.