TrialAssure Amplifies Trial Transparency Functionality with REGISTRY 2.5


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TrialAssure, a global software company focused on developing clinical trial transparency tools, announced the launch of TrialAssure REGISTRY 2.5-the latest iteration of TrialAssure’s clinical trial registration and disclosure reporting application with a configurable workflow engine that allows clients to augment regulatory intelligence for global registries.

The three main new features in REGISTRY 2.5 include:

  • an improved, more customizable Workflow Management Hub,

  • enhanced alignment to global registry changes, and

  • smarter alerts for delinquency findings – all designed to keep sponsors on track and meet sensitive deadlines.

“From design to development, sponsor input has inspired TrialAssure REGISTRY 2.5,” said Mohamad Zahreddine, CIO, TrialAssure and member of the Forbes Technology Council. “We consistently seek sponsor feedback to improve all facets of our software. Since sponsors use the product daily, they have unique perspectives and suggestions for strengthening even the smallest functionality, and TrialAssure employs a flexible operating model with in-house developers that makes implementing changes quick and easy.”

TrialAssure REGISTRY 2.5 is an application that auto-calculates workflow steps based on project progress. If a user completes a step earlier or later than anticipated, REGISTRY 2.5 will adjust the remaining due dates accordingly. If a user is off-track, the new delinquency finding feature sends a warning about the study’s progress and approaching deadlines.

Workflows are now fully configurable, meaning users can create an unlimited number of workflow steps. Workflows-and the expected durations for each step-can be tailored to specific business units, products, or even individual studies. Using customizable templates, REGISTRY 2.5 users can create a workflow that suits their needs and allows for adjustments over the course of a study.

Additionally, REGISTRY 2.5 includes enhanced registry integrations and modernized validation rules. 

“REGISTRY 2.5 is the perfect choice for all sponsors who are looking for a seamless, defined process for registering clinical trials and publishing results,” said Zach Weingarden, Product Solutions Manager, TrialAssure. “We carefully evaluate all sponsor feedback, and we are excited to give the pharmaceutical industry an even stronger transparency application that works best for them.”

TrialAssure REGISTRY 2.5 lets users manage the entire disclosure process from start to finish, including registry assessments, validation and quality checks, review cycles, approvals, and comments from regulatory authorities.

In the next iteration, users can expect heightened performance with a new sleek and modern user interface with the upcoming release of TrialAssure Registry 3.0 this fall.  


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