TrialAssure Releases TrialAssure LINK

Published on: 

TrialAssure has announced the release of TrialAssure LINK software for the development, review, translation and publishing of plain language, or lay summaries.

Key features of LINK include the ability to:

  • Create ready-to-review lay summaries through preconfigured data feeds
  • Manage workflows by serving as a comprehensive project management solution
  • Maximize re-use of clinical trial data, speeding the process and enhancing data integrity
  • Adhere to best practices using lay term glossaries, readability analytics, and auto-generated graphics, charts, and images
  • Apply and review translations consistent with languages spoken by clinical trial participants
  • Meet global transparency demands

TrialAssure LINK is a core application within The Ultimate Transparency Suite along with existing applications that include TrialAssure REGISTRY, TrialAssure ANONYMIZE, and TrialAssure BEACON.

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