Trialbee and TriNetX Partner

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Applied Clinical Trials

Trialbee, a technology provider in patient matching and engagement, is partnering with TriNetX, a  global real-world health research network comprised of >170M patients across 23 countries to support data-driven digital solutions.

“This partnership will significantly widen Trialbee’s service offerings to drive patient recruitment and retention,” said Lollo Eriksson, CEO of Trialbee. “This is a great opportunity to leverage both organizations capabilities to develop new services in order to optimize clinical trials to empower patients with clinical trials as a care option. TriNetX is the market leader in leveraging real world data for the applications of clinical trial design, feasibility and site selection, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together.”

Trialbee develops innovative software to reduce clinical trial recruitment timelines and enhance the patient engagement experience, and TriNetX optimizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence (RWE). TriNetX’s access to patients through its global healthcare organizations (HCO) partners as well as through publicly available sources, and Trialbee’s expertise in patient recruitment and digital outreach represent a multi-pronged approach to identify, engage, and drive patients to clinical trials, improving efficiency and time-to-market.


With TriNetX’s real-time access to a large data repository, patient populations, and network of HCOs, and Trialbee’s seamless patient recruitment experience, the two companies will harness the power of RWE and real-time analytics to support customers with their end goals of protocol design, site selection, patient recruitment and retention. 

“Our collaboration with Trialbee further enhances our healthcare organizations’ capabilities to streamline patient identification and recruitment. We see this partnership as a complementary effort to our digital developments around protocol design, site identification and access to patients.” said Maulik Mehta, Sr. VP Corporate Development. “Together, TriNetX and Trialbee will further enable clinical research as an alternative care option to patients.”