Trialbee Partners with Datavant to Power Patient-Centric Trial Recruitment


Applied Clinical Trials

Trialbee, a global technology provider for patient matching and engagement in clinical trials, announced a partnership with Datavant aiming to more effectively and efficiently recruit clinical trial participants.

“We are solving for the Investigator fatigue and demotivation caused by unguided mega screening for patient recruitment and the low results it produces,” said Lollo Eriksson, chief executive officer of Trialbee. “This partnership with Datavant will significantly expand our access to real world data (RWD) and ability to choose the information assets that are most relevant for any given trial. This unique collaboration will improve specificity and drive the right patients to clinical trials, improving efficiency and time to last patient enrolled.”

Trialbee is the global patient recruitment and engagement company with integrated patient sourcing using RWD from claims data, electronic health records data and digital outreach to the general public. Trialbee will use Datavant’s open data ecosystem to power its innovative clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement solutions, analyzing de-identified data to determine the characteristics of patients who may be eligible and motivated to participate in a clinical trial.

“Trialbee is tackling a critical problem with a fresh perspective: how to more effectively recruit patients to clinical trials and keep them engaged once they are enrolled,” said Travis May, chief executive officer of Datavant. “We are thrilled for the partnership to support their access to real-world data sources across Datavant’s open data ecosystem.”

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