TrialScope Tackles Issue of “Sharing Clinical Trial Results With Patients” at CBI Conference; Presents Sponsor Survey Findings

Company News Release

Jersey City, NJ-September 28, 2017-TrialScope, a global company in clinical trial transparency and compliance solutions, announced new findings from its sponsor survey on clinical trial results sharing practices, at CBI’s second annual Lay Summaries Summit in Philadelphia.

The survey asked sponsors about their current approach to trial results summaries and their plans for sharing summaries in the future. TrialScope’s Chief Strategy Officer, Thomas Wicks, presented highlights of the results in a session titled “How to distribute trial results summaries to patients?” on September 26th. 

“There is a growing industry-wide understanding that patients have a right to receive information on the results of clinical trials in a language and format that is clear, concise, and factual,” said Wicks. “This is not only an evolving requirement, but also an opportunity to engage directly with trial participants and the patient community and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Key takeaways from the survey include:

· The sponsors that responded to the survey plan to provide up to 1,600 additional trial summaries to participants and patients in the coming 12 months 

· 25 percent of those sponsors each plan to provide up to 6 new plain language summaries per month

· For sponsors that already share summaries, when asked why, 75 percent stated it is an important part of their “patient engagement efforts” currently lists more than 250,000 trials from around the world,” continued Wicks. “It’s encouraging to see we’re headed in the right direction, but there is still progress to be made.”

About TrialScope 
TrialScope simplifies the complexities of clinical trial transparency. TrialScope’s award-winning, proven solutions have been implemented successfully and rigorously tested in the most complex environments and are managing disclosures for sponsors that are responsible for over 35% of industry sponsored clinical trials posted on The company’s market-driven solutions and expertise enable sponsors to improve performance, mitigate compliance risk, and ultimately optimize efficiencies with clinical content lifecycle management tools, expertise, and processes. TrialScope technologies are offered via a validation-ready SaaS platform hosted in a private cloud.