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JERSEY CITY, N.J., Sept. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- TrialScope, the global leader in clinical trial transparency and compliance solutions, today announced the launch of its Clinical Trial Transparency Service (CTTS). This transparency and health literacy management solution enables clinical trial sponsors to engage with patients, healthcare professionals, researchers and the public via a dedicated clinical trial informational website. The company is debuting this service with three customers that are among the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

As the demand for accurate and understandable clinical trial transparency from regulatory and patient advocacy groups continues to grow, TrialScope's CTTS allows sponsors to position themselves as pioneers in trial data sharing, trial literacy, trial recruitment optimization, patient education and retention. In addition, under the new service, the sponsor's website is automatically updated with information submitted to, eliminating redundant processes and associated costs, and improving reporting accuracy.

"Today, more than ever, patients are seeking clinical trial information on the web. This, coupled with calls for transparency, highlights a major need in the industry for a way to disseminate important, easy-to-understand information such as plain language summaries (PLS), or respond to data requests," said Jeff Kozloff, CEO of TrialScope. "We're excited to share our newest solution with the clinical trial community and look forward to helping sponsors deliver meaningful clinical trial data and clear communications to help patients find, share, enroll and stay engaged in studies." 

CTTS leverages digital and mobile platforms, social media and patient engagement to deliver an unprecedented opportunity for clinical trial sponsors, participants and researchers to find each other with greater speed and precision. In addition, CTTS enables more meaningful engagement, which can help accelerate the process of clinical trial recruitment. 

CTTS offers a variety of benefits to both patients and sponsors, including: 

  • Patient Benefits
  • Easy-to-Find Clinical Trials: The location-based search function is integrated with Google Maps, making it easy to find nearby trials. 

  • Immediate Access to Simple, Reputable and Relevant Information: Robust search functionality enables patients to easily find information on sponsor websites. 

  • Greater Connections: Integration of popular social networking sites, including Twitter and Facebook, encourages engagement and sharing. 

  • Sponsor Benefits
  • Higher Levels of Transparency: Sponsors can now demonstrate greater levels of relevance and compliance by providing a variety of information to patients, healthcare professionals and researchers through a dedicated website. Information can include clinical trial details, results, plain language summaries (PLS), important forms and documents, regulations, time and eligibility requirements, restrictions, and more. 

  • Ability to Provide Current, Trusted Information: Integration with TrialScope's Clinical Trial Registry Manager (CTRM) establishes a single, verified data set, enabling sponsors to maintain timely information, eliminate data duplication, and reduce time spent on research and validation. 

  • Improved Searchability: Integrated search engine optimization (SEO) enables search engines to crawl sponsors' sites and find trial detail pages, making them more easily found by patients during their research. 

  • Trial Literacy: Clinical trial registration and results information is scientific and technical by nature. TrialScope partnered with patients, advocacy groups and communication experts to design an engaging interface that delivers relevant, easy-to-understand trial information via a consumer-friendly user-experience.

CTTS is available immediately to sponsors and is easily integrated with TrialScope's other offerings, or external systems. For quick deployment, sponsors can select from a number of best practice website design templates. Sponsors can also work directly with TrialScope to develop a custom layout and design. 

For more information on TrialScope or its Clinical Trial Transparency Service, visit

About TrialScope 
TrialScope is the global leader in clinical trial disclosure and transparency management technology, supporting 13 of the top 15 industry clinical trial sponsors worldwide. TrialScope provides proven solutions that are designed to optimize the efficiency of disclosure activities, maximize trial data transparency, and foster more informed, engaged patients through open research sharing. To learn more about TrialScope, visit

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