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Trialytics Delivers Expanded Protocols and Highly Qualified Leads for Clinical Trial Design, Site Selection and Patient Recruitment  

Enhanced services designed to speed time to market through more productive clinical trials

PLYMOUTH MEETING, Pa.-Jan. 20, 2009-Trialytics, an industry leader in clinical trial site identification, selection and patient recruitment, has announced a significant expansion of its core services to include increased clinical trial data resources, multiple protocols and a comprehensive physician lead qualification program.
Trialytics' suite of services now includes a substantially expanded data set of diagnoses, therapies, physician recruitment, as well as the ability to use data for multiple protocols. Clinical trial sponsors will benefit from an augmented lead qualification and outreach program that uses evidence-based data to identify and target qualified physicians with the highest clinical study performance potential via email or direct mail campaigns.
"In light of customers' feedback as they face the challenges of today's economy, Trialytics is offering this expanded suite of services at a very competitive price," said Malcolm Bohm, president of Trialytics. "Our advanced data analytics and clinical trial services empower clinical trial sponsors with the tools to decrease the time to market for drugs that can improve the quality of millions of lives."
Added Bohm, "Now, more than ever, clinical trial sponsors are under pressure to deliver on time and on budget. With Trialytics' proprietary performance predictive model and clinical study expertise, we can cost-effectively identify clinical trial sites, qualified physicians and protocol-eligible patients - eliminating project overruns and minimizing unfulfilled trials."
A subsidiary of SDI, Trialytics leverages longitudinal, de-identified patient data and analytics to streamline protocol development, and site and patient recruitment for clinical trials. Through advanced data analytics and modeling capabilities, clinical trial sponsors easily identify physicians who treat protocol-eligible patients with specific disease profiles or patients that live in demographic areas that hold a disproportionate number of people with a given disease.

About Trialytics
Trialytics, an industry leader in clinical trial site identification and selection leverages electronic healthcare data to redefine clinical trial strategies and to mitigate the inherent risks by optimizing trial design, locating the right sites to conduct clinical trials and mapping the right patients to these clinical trial sites from all available sources. Trialytics' proven approach markedly reduces the time and cost of site identification, selection and supports patient recruitment.For more information, visit or call 866.511.2659.
About SDI
Since 1982, SDI has been delivering innovative healthcare data products and analytic services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, healthcare, medical device, financial services, and consumer packaged goods industries. SDI is the leading provider of de-identified patient-level data analytics and offers a broad array of solutions and insights across the continuum of care. These include custom and syndicated patient-level data studies; localized disease and treatment surveillance and projection; market research audits; healthcare profiles; comprehensive managed care offerings; clinical trial optimization; direct-to-patient pharmacy programs; marketing effectiveness; sales targeting and compensation products; data integration, warehousing, and mining; list services; and direct marketing services. Its current roster includes the top 50 pharmaceutical/biotech companies. For more information, visit or call 610.834.0800.

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