Two Long-Standing Independent IRBs Met Terms to Merge


Company News Release

Independent Review Consulting (IRC) and the Ethical Review Committee (ERC), both Independent Institutional Review Boards (IRB) representing nearly 50 years of combined service to the research industry are pleased to announce the finalization of their merger agreement.

While the individual boards of each company will continue their review of existing projects respectively, all new submissions of business will be accepted and managed by Ethical and Independent Review Services, LLC (E&I). E&I will offer review of research by an AAHRPP accredited board in California. A second board in the Midwest anticipates receipt of accreditation in the coming months.

Services offered through E&I will include reviews of both private and federally funded research, training and consulting services, and the development of more specialized review boards. Both companies are excited by this opportunity to provide a larger spectrum of review services and a greater base of experience from which they can support their human subject protection program.

Both companies have experience in the review of late-stage, multi-center trials. While IRC specializes in medical devices and federally funded studies, ERC has developed processes specializing in efficient turn-around of large, late-stage multi-center trials.

An E&I Review Services website, with automated forms, will be available at completion of merger, anticipated in coming weeks.

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