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TNT Express, the world’s leading B to B express delivery company, today announced a strategic partnership with the US Company AirNet Systems. AirNet will act as TNT’s exclusive partner for transports of clinical samples to and inside the United States

Amsterdam, May 11th, 2005 - Having implemented a specific network for companies involved in developing medicines, TNT Express is renowned as the European market leading provider of Clinical Express courier services. TNT Express has already implemented highly specialized Clinical Express excellence call-centers in Europe, China, India, Russia and South Africa and moves over 700.000 clinical samples per year for the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industry. Through its first strategic alliance with an American company, a global coverage has now been achieved.

AirNet Systems, a recognized leader in American Life Science Services, currently operates 128 aircraft located strategically throughout the United States. Its national transportation network provides value-added aviation, Life Science services (transport of radiopharmaceuticals, blood, tissues and organs) and other unique and time-critical segments. "We are delighted about this natural alliance between two companies, both following the same objective to achieve excellence in premium transport", says Onno Boots, Director Global Account Management (GAM), TNT Express. "While TNT Clinical Express is already the leader on the European market, our alliance with AirNet is a major building block in deploying the global GAM strategy and significantly grow our presence in the United States."

AirNet's operating network is capable of serving virtually any community within the United States. "We appreciate being selected as TNT's American partner." Explains Larry Glasscock, Senior Vice President AirNet Express Services. "Our companies are very similar in customer focus and commitment. Furthermore, both companies are recognized as experts in major life science segments and we feel that our unique transportation network and service offerings match up well with the similar services TNT offers throughout the world."

To further strengthen its US-position, TNT Clinical Express has opened a Clinical Express excellence center in Ohio. The team of dedicated specialists working in this center is trained to provide TNT Clinical Express customers with exclusive services, consultancy support, live tracking and innovative packaging solutions for dangerous goods and temperature-sensitive products. "The opening of our latest Center of Excellence in Columbus, Ohio, is the final piece to our clinical trials infrastructure and a great opportunity for a European company like ours to broaden our market share in the United States.", says Onno Boots. "It is another important step to make sure that we are able to offer the most customized solutions to the life science industry, a sector we have been highly involved in since the early 1990's."

In a global market estimated between US$ 300-500 million, growing by 10-15% per year, TNT Clinical Express is the only global provider of a true one-stop shop solution dedicated to clinical research and the pharmaceutical industry. It seamlessly links every necessary part, from lab technicians to dry-ice suppliers, fulfillment companies, doctors and pharmaceutical industries.

About TNT:
TNT Express is the world's leading business to business express delivery company. The company delivers 3.3 million parcels, documents and pieces of freight a week to over 200 countries using its network of 900 depots, hubs and sortation centres. TNT Express operates over 18,000 road vehicles and 42 aircraft and has the biggest door-to-door air and road express delivery infrastructure in Europe.

TNT Express employs 43,000 staff worldwide. The company reported sales in 2004 of E4.7 billion. Profits of E373 million earned by TNT Express during 2004 were higher by 35% than the same period in 2003 (E276 million). The TNT Express website is: www.tnt.com

TNT N.V. is a global provider of mail, express and logistics services. He group employs over 162.000 people in 63 countries. For 2004 the company reported sales of 12.6 billion euros. TNT N.V. is publicly listed on the stock exchanges of Amsterdam, New York, London and Frankfurt. The TNT N.V. website is: group.tnt.com

About AirNet Systems:
AirNet Systems, Inc. (NYSE: ANS) focuses its resources on providing value-added, time-critical aviation services to a diverse set of customers in the most service-intensive, cost-effective manner possible. AirNet operates an integrated national transportation network that provides expedited transportation services to banks and time-critical small package shippers nationwide. Jetride, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, provides passenger charter services nationwide to individuals and businesses. The Company currently operates 128 cargo and passenger aircraft located strategically throughout the United States. To find out more, visit AirNet's website at www.airnet.com