United BioSource Corporation Acquires Total Healthcare Group


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United BioSource Corporation

(UBC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Medco Health Solutions, Inc., today announced the acquisition of Total Healthcare Group (THG), a London-based international consultancy serving clients in the biopharmaceutical industry. THG provides global payer research, strategic planning, and global value dossiers for biopharmaceutical products.

THG, together with UBC’s existing value strategy and research services, will be led by THG’s Dr. Robert Hollamby, who has been appointed Senior Vice President at UBC.

“Demonstrating value and providing evidence-based research that allows stakeholders in the health care market to make important economic decisions surrounding biopharmaceuticals and devices is crucial in the market place,” said UBC President Mark Clein. “UBC helps clients respond effectively to the evolving health care environment by researching, communicating, and demonstrating value in medicines. The addition of THG significantly expands our capabilities and geographic reach and allows us to launch a comprehensive practice that we expect to be a leader in the global biopharmaceutical industry.”
Results International served as THG’s financial advisor in this transaction.

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