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Rockville, MD - A Quick Guide to Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition - extensively updated, with expanded coverage; edited by Drs. Madhu Davies and Faiz Kermani. With 16 subject matter expert authors and contributors, this is an excellent overview of the clinical trial process and drug development from an international perspective.

This new edition of the book has been extensively revised and re-written to include additional clinical trial topics and new subject matter to increase the breadth of discussion of this fascinating and dynamic discipline  and yet continue to demystify the field in an exceptionally reader-friendly, yet authoritative format. The book strikes a good balance in providing background information and discussion themes for students and patients, while remaining authoritative and engaging for researchers and professionals.

Appropriately designed and executed clinical trials are at the heart of the successful drug development, but keeping pace with this rapidly evolving field and its complexity is a challenge for everyone involved. There remains a need for a friendly guide to cover the essential topic areas and explain their nuances while cutting through the technical jargon. With contributions by international industry leaders and subject matter experts, A Quick Guide to Clinical Trials, 2nd Edition effectively serves its purpose. Regardless of current level of understanding and prior knowledge, the book’s welcoming and easy to use format will ensure that anyone can find information of value to them and be able to apply it in practice.

"There's nothing like this Clinical Trials text out there...written by experts, easy to read by anyone!" - Steven E. Linberg, PhD, Adjunct Graduate Faculty, Johns Hopkins University

"This book is a well-presented, quick reference guide covering a broad range of important and relevant clinical trial-related topics...." - Dr. Ernest A. Kopecky, VP, Clinical Development; Head, Neuroscience, Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc.

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