Velesco Opens cGMP Production Facility and Moves to Expanded Lab Space


Company News Release

(Plymouth, MI; June 9, 2009) –

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services

, a company providing analytical method development, drug formulation, stability testing and consulting services to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, opened a manufacturing facility and office in Kalamazoo, MI and has moved its Ann Arbor, MI laboratories to the Michigan Life Science and Innovation Center (MLSIC) in Plymouth, MI.     

Velesco’s new 10,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility at the Kalamazoo Commerce Center will manufacture non-sterile cGMP clinical trial supplies for pharmaceutical companies developing new medicines.  This facility will focus on providing clinical supplies for early phase trials. Product offerings include powder-in-capsule, powder-in-bottle, ointments/creams, oral and topical liquids, over-encapsulation for blinded studies and packaging.

The company move provides expanded space to accommodate the growth of its analytical and drug formulation laboratory services.

“Velesco’s addition of clinical trial material manufacturing capabilities allows us to provide a full service offering to our clients as they move from pre-clinical drug development into the clinic,” said CEO and co-founder David Barnes, Ph.D.  

“The life science talent in Michigan compelled us to stay and grow here,” said Velesco Chief Operating Officer and co-founder Gerry Cox. “There’s a uniquely high concentration of the experienced pharmaceutical researchers Velesco needs to be successful in its aggressive growth plans.”  

In conjunction with this expansion, Velesco was awarded a state High Tech Mega tax credit by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority.  This credit will enhance Velesco’s operational capabilities.

About Velesco Pharmaceutical Services

Velesco Pharmaceutical Services was formed in 2007 by former Pfizer Michigan R&D colleagues and focuses on supporting the early stage work of pharmaceutical companies. Velesco’s founders, analytical chemists and drug formulation experts are pharmaceutical industry veterans with a track record of moving compounds through this significant phase of the drug development process. Velesco works with state of the art equipment in a high-quality (former Pfizer) facility. Velesco delivers on time high quality products and services, assistance with the FDA registration process and insightful consultation. More information about Velesco can be found at


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